Return of the Adifreaks!

Anyone who’s anyone, on the terrace at least will have had or still possibly have a love affair with The Adidas Original trainer. Most of us opt for the re-issue, the hardcore still hunt down the OG from time to time. Its all gone abit crazy lately, what with the films and also Adi jumping onboard to cash in on something that was once only worn by a tribe of like minded people and push it into the main-mainstream! And then of course you’ve got JD spewing out re-issue after re-issue to the clueless massses of G-starred up teenagers. Still, for ‘those that know’ this doesn’t matter, we still hunt down that rare pair or have a stash cleaned and ready for a comeback. And this also means that we will never forget a time when wearing a suede pair of Adi trainers was definately the choice of an individual, some would even point and scoff at you for wearing ‘yellow’ trainers or matching red Spezials with your vintage Izod windbreaker. Those same sheeplike folk are now all adi’d up and claiming they always have been….and maybe now scoffing at my NB’s or Walsh.

After sitting and thinking about all of the above i thought there be no better time to re-work an old design, the first design i ever released on a tee! Originally scrawled on a scrap peice of paper back in 2005 and only finding its way to a tee a year later, and then to the internet 4 years after that in 2010! Only this time around i decided it was relevant to base it around my time,my era, my coming of age…the 1990’s.

You can now purchase this limited edition t-shirt now—->


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