8-BIT DRESSER : Not for Two-bob C#*ts!


Remember those days of blocky computer graphics and Nintendo? If I’m perfectly honest mine was a Commodore 64 and some mates who were that little bit older even opted for Spectrums.
Nowadays computer games to some are more ‘a way of life’ rather than they were a way of killing a few hours back when I was a kid. This and other rapid advances in technology has changed things in a massive way, meaning that Retroism (Is that even a real word? Probably not) has never been cooler and a nostalgic look back never gets old (No pun intended). Enter our 8-BIT DRESSER Tee, think Super-Mario but replace the tash and pizza with Goggles and Lager. If Donkey Kong would have rolled barrels off a building at this bloke he would have been met with a response of flying pixelated barstools. To us, sometimes simple is definitely better, it most certainly was back then and we’re gonna prove that it still can be now!

Watch out for our 8-BIT DRESSER tee. COMING SOON…


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