After a (small) public outcry 🙂 for the third Adifreaks tee to be released, we have finally decided to try and push it through as fast as we can…
Okay, we hold our hands up that there hasn’t really been a public outcry, but the Adifreaks tees have certainly gathered a small but almost cult-like following. If we include the stockists orders then it has possibly been our bestselling t-shirt to date and also seems to be notching up a nice little number on the hashtag count over on Instagram. The reason for this is simple, those who wear it ‘get it’ completely. Others would argue that its popularity is mainly down to the reference used from the famous brand in the design and title. Of course this is partly true, but for those who understand know that there is more to it than that. Whether it was B-boying, BMX’s, Hip-hop or on the terraces, these Classic Trabs have always been there and lasted the test of time, and it isn’t just a nostalgia thing either, the cult of the OG continues to grow more and more each year and if anything is bigger than ever right now. In other words generation after generation continue to fly the Adifreaks flag, and may we continue to do so.

Part 3 in this line of tees will be coming right at you in two colourways very soon…

ADIFREAKS #2(2012)adiFO

ADIFREAKS OG(2010 Re-worked 2013)

ADIFREAKS #3(2013/TBA)adifreaks31

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