Well, its been a while, what with just how busy we were with the Christmas build up and not to mention the replenishing of our Stockists that is still on-going as we speak it just led us to somewhat neglect the blog a little . Its no excuse mind and we most certainly aren’t complaining about how busy we are, not a chance of that.
2013 proved to be another good year for us, we’re far from rich yet (far from a wage!) but its still great to take the occasional step back and realise that you are finally doing something that you enjoy for a living. We have gone from ‘Grafters to Crafters’ as of 2012 but it certainly doesn’t mean that it hasn’t meant a lot of graft has had to be put in to get this far. We set up the brand on a shoestring budget, no loans, no rich Daddy and no degrees in Marketing ,just good old fashioned long hours, lack of/no sleep and forcing ourselves to stay positive when all seems lost which makes it all that more rewarding looking back.
On the Stockist front we are now stocked globally even further afield gaining gradual popularity over in Russia with our exclusive Moscow Stockist Stone forest ( http://www.store.stoneforest.ru) who have gone from strength to strength, and as well as stocking lots of great brands have also been working with us to create some unique store exclusive products. 2013 was also the year we landed our first stockist North of the Border in the shape of the cool Stirling based outfit Trend Menswear ( http://www.trend-clothing.com ) who are another retailer that are on the up and recently opened up their second city centre store. Trend came up with the idea of trying out our popular Adifreaks design on an all new orange colourway which was ordered in several batches and each time sold out, often within hours. Looking slightly closer to home we also started to work with Fleetwood based stockist Northern Rags ( http://www.northernrags.co.uk ) last year, a nice little independent store that brings in customers from all over due to stocking unique products but in very limited quantities, some of those being exclusive CTM colourways. Northern Rags were the only store to stock the Adifreaks on combed cotton sweatshirts and they also have a really good loyalty card which gets you some great deals for repeat custom. At the back end of the year we also saw our products land into the new Dutch retailer In De Hekken( http://shop.indehekken.net ) which started out as cool Dutch football Blog but they have really started to push through as a great little indie online retailer who stock several up and coming brands.
Whats the plan for 2014? Well, we will finally get the Jap collab bucket hat released for starters with TTAB, then theres the sweatshirt collaboration with fellow Northerners Northern Aficionado ( http://www.northernaficionado.com ) and loads of New tee designs, some of which are on the way already. The long awaited overshirt will see the light of day this year and not to mention an all new sweatshirt range with varied themes. Oh, and did we mention we make shirts? (in England)and there will be plenty more of that too. All in all you have a lot to look forward to in 2014 so keep posted and continue to interact with us as much as you can.

Nrags naCOLLAB



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