The Working-class Dressers.

Its safe to say that our little label has been well and truly doing the rounds and by sticking with our initial ethos which often means turning down short term fixes of profit we have gradually built up a nice following in our own niche. Our tees remain popular with the Football Casual crowd whilst our sweatshirts have lead us into slightly different territory and built us a solid reputation over in Moscow,Russia which with the help of our friends and stockists at the Stone Forest Store continues to grow in popularity. We will also be adding more Made in England goodness to our stock very soon and if you havent seen our promos we suggest you check them out over at our Facebook Page or at any of our social media channels. On the stockist front we have stuck with our main goal of only dealing with those who have qualities not far from our own in that they are independent and passionate about what they do.
We have spotted some very cool websites springing up of late with the German Blog Sapuer -One Step Beyond being a current favourite. So much so that we have a forthcoming collaboration with them in the pipeline. We have of course continued to network not just with other like-minded individuals and fellow creatives but with the most important people which is you the customer who have willingly “Got Involved” and been really creative with the photos over on Instagram. Long may this continue as we really do love to see your photos of you with your favourite CLOSERThanMOST garms, so keep them coming in and we’ll keep re-posting them.
Here’s a snippet of just some of our faves…















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