Its Started in the North!

The age old debate rages on. What region of England does the casual movement owe its beginnings to?  It’ll probably never be proven and definitely never agreed on. And whilst our Southern counterparts were perhaps the first to be noticed and donned with the medias Casuals moniker, fellow Northerners who were there claim it all started  back in 79’…. up North of course.

Regardless of the scenes beginnings, one thing that was guaranteed region to region, certainly in the the pre-internet years was the difference in styles and trends. Casuals we’rent just competing over who the best mob but also who had the best dressers in an ever changing battle of oneupmanship where an explosive combination of violence and sharp dressing came hand in hand with the movement. This has been almost lost in these high tech modern times which is a little sad really.

On forums of old, numerous documentaries and probably on various social media platforms such as Facebook & Twitter, the debate continues. Obviously,we’re in the North camp for this one and to celebrate our claimed victory we’ve ‘stuck it on a t-shirt’.

Earlier this week a neutral asked us where in the North it started. We’ll save that one for another t-shirt day!

It Started in the North – Tee.

perry boys2 PerryBoys perryboys3tumblr_mavmal8ku41qg0jsco1_500


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